Special Word Press Hosting Offer

Word Press Plus Hosting Sale

$149 Year*

For a limited time, Big Kahuna Hosting will not only provide 1 year's web hosting with its "Deluxe Package" on a Premium web server, but we also will install Word Press for you and upgrade it to the most current version.

So what can you do with a Word Press Site? Click the below thumbnails to see some of the current Word Press Sites hosted on a Big Kahuna Hosting server, and get an idea of the wide variety of uses of a Word Press web site.

Word Press sites can be used as a personal blogs or a business web site; a site for a team, cause or organization; or just about anything else you've seen a web site used for. While the layout of the above sites are very similar because the author of them is the same, and he keeps them consistent so that he can more easily maintain, you really have a lot of flexibility with layout and the look & feel.

Don't let something you don't currently know intimidate you.

Once installed (and we handle all of that), you don't need to know a lick of programming code to adjust the look and feel of the site, or to add context to it. The look and feel is as simple as selecting one of the thousands of "Themes" — and clicking install. Features are added with "Plugins". Select the plugins you want from 1,000s — and click install.

When the Word Press operating software, a plugin, or a theme has been updated by the author — you are notified of the update in your control panel. Updating is as simple as clicking the update button. Adding pages (including the formatting of text and including images) are as simple as posting to a forum. Rearranging the sidebar widgets and menu order is as simple as dragging and dropping where you want them. There are forums for Word Press help all over the Internet — including the Big Kahuna Hosting forums.

So here is what you get for your $149:

  • 1-Year hosting on a Premium Server

  • 10-Email Addresses

  • 5 MySql Databases (1 will be used for Word Press; leaving 4 for Forums, photo albums, etc.)

  • 5 Subdomains (few use sub-domains so don't let that confuse you)

  • 5 Parked Domains. (For instance you can park the domains myurl.net and myurl.org on your domain myurl.com; and all three addresses will get you to the same web site)

  • 5 FTP access accounts

  • 15GB a month bandwidth (more than enough for 99% of the web sites on the net)

  • 3GB files space

In addition to being a satisfying hobby or full-filling your need for a web site, these are easy to obtain skills that once mastered can earn you a decent income — or your site can generate income through advertising banners (if it is popular enough).

The Steps to building your own Word Press site are:

  1. Decide on a domain name and register it, which will cost less than $10 a year. I started in the web business by registering my personal name in 1994. That's a good starting point if you want to learn the skills to create web sites at your own pace, but are not yet sure what your ultimate goal is.

  2. Sign up for Word Press web hosting at the bottom of this page.

  3. Log onto your admin dashboard to set up any email addresses you want to use for your new domain.

  4. Log into your Word Press Admin and choose the theme and Plugins you want to use.

  5. Tweak the Look and Feel of the Word Press site.

  6. Add text to your pages and posts.

If you have any questions, see if they've been asked and answered on the Big Kahuna Hosting board — and if not post it there. Or seek help from the thousands of forums dedicated to Word Press users or the Word Press site.

Use the below to sign up for a Year to Year Word Press subscription through PayPal. The subscription can be cancelled at anytime and your hosting will continue until the end of your 365 day term, but you will not be grandfathered in the special price for future years.

Your Registered Domain Name
Your Contact email


  1. This is a Special Sale (not advertised on the Big Kahuna Hosting site) for the visitors of this site, which can be pulled at any time.

  2. Those who take advantage of the sale will be grandfathered into this sale price so long as they don't cancel the subscription

  3. The normal Set Up charge of $25 will be waived for this Special Offer.

  4. Word Press requires the use of one of the five MySql Databases.

  5. While Big Kahuna Hosting will create the database and database user, install Word Press on your hosting account, and update to the most current version — it is up to the user to complete their web site. This is not for a turn-key web site.

  6. All Word Press support will be provided through posting in the forums, so that all will benefit from the questions and their answers. Specifically, Word Press support will NOT be provided through Private Messaging, email, or telephone.


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