Bradenton Race Report

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NMCA Bradenton 2012 – March 14-18

For this race I ran my 60 Plymouth 2-door wagon, and Dallas ran the black 65 Coronet. The wagon had a fresh 588ci Diamondback Engines Wedge and a transmission recently rebuilt by Dallas. It also has a new ATI Tree-Master 8" torque converter. Although Dallas had made two soft passes in the car to make sure it was race ready, Bradenton was going to be my first passes, and the first hard passes with the new engine. The black Coronet has a "Well Seasoned" 580ci motor in it, and recently had its 4-link completely replaced. We had hoped the Big Red Ram would be ready for Dallas by Bradenton, but it should be ready for Commerce.

We left Wednesday morning and drove as far as Lake City, FL., where we hooked up with our pit bud Doug Duell at the Wal-Mart there at 2AM. On the road at 9AM Thursday and at the track to set up pits at 2PM. A little track "Trials and Tribulation" with Doug getting his rig stuck in the sandy pits, and the generator crapping out on my motorhome and trailer. Doug was out within an hour, but we spent the week without electricity except for a cord to Doug to alternate the 16V charges for the cars, and a cord to my bedroom to power my CPAP at night. We charged the phones and iPad in Doug's trailer.

We did get one chance to make one TT pass on Thursday. I ran a 9.60 shifting at 7000, and decided to focus on the 9.75 index. Bad choice as the engine started to come in and get faster for the next few passes — to where I ultimately had to bolt 100 pounds on the car, 80 pounds loose in the box, and short shift at 6400 to get my 9.75. I should have selected the 9.5 index.

Doug and I had a wager for a $1 per pass for the best reaction time. I won the first three, and he won the next three. My next pass after he left the track was a .006 in the 2nd round.

We had two Time Trials on Friday morning and then the first round qualify at about 3PM. The below video is the Nostalgia Super Stock 1st round of Qualifying.

Saturday we had two more rounds of qualifying, and I was the top qualifier with a 9.761 on a 9.75 index. Dallas was #4 with a 9.77. 12 cars came to the event (way down — most likely because of the cost of diesel, lack of popularity of the sandy track with NSS guys, and the last race being a double-points so the other races don't count near as much), but 2 broke and only 10 qualified. My #1 drew me Doug Duell #6 and Dallas got the #9 guy — with a 64 Plymouth and who is new to the sport.

Eliminations started at 10AM Sunday. Doug and I played heads games with each other at the top end, and I got the win light. Dallas won against the 64. I got a Bye in the second round and had a .006 light and a 9.71 — which was where I wanted to be as it was getting hotter.

Dallas had a 442 and won that round, and then got a Bye to the Finals. I got the winner of Neighbor and Poskevitch — which was Poskevitch. I ran a 9.76 but lit up the stupid bulb. I guess I still have a hard time waiting for the 12-second cars. Screwed up and All Schultz Final.

Dallas and Poskevitch had a close race in the finals — neither knowing who won until they got their slips.


Dallas lot by .0023 seconds in a Hell of a race.

Texas Whale at Bradenton in 2012


At 6PM we collected our Runner Up and Semi $$$, loaded up, and drove the 1177 miles back to Richmond, Texas — get here 1:30PM Monday.

I can't believe that NMCA and Fastest Street Car magazine called my car ugly! LINK

Sunday News From The 10th Annual Ross Racing Pistons NMCA Muscle Car Nationals

Dave Schultz is the number one qualifier in Indy Cylinder Head Nostalgia Super Stock after cutting a .012 light yesterday. His 9-second Plymouth is always cool to watch because it’s big, ugly, and bad-fast. He faces Doug Duell in the first round of eliminations today.


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