Wrecked the Vitamin C

So here’s the video of my wreck. It was a confluence of two big problems. The first is the brakes. The front brakes are Aerospace 4-piston. The rear drum brakes were replaced with Moser 2-piston. The reason for Mosers was I was also getting axles from them and it was a highbred axle needing Dana brackets for Ford big bearings. We had big problems ever getting a pedal with the right rear brake. In Orlando and a reflare to front line (rear brakes) on the Master cylinder, and changing the master cylinder from a small .86 piston to a Strange 1.05 piston got us a pedal, although the right caliper still didn’t appear to bleed with a good stream.

The bigger deal was me. During the race, I was frequently getting sick when exerting any effort. If I’d slow down, I’d feel well after about 20 minutes, so I made sure I got my stuff done before called to the lanes. It’s been this way ever since I had Covid in late February – and yes I will contact my doctor in the morning.

Anyway, sitting in the car with the helmet for a long time because they prepped the track after we moved up to race – I started getting queasy. I was told I was racing a 10.5 car that is indexed at 11.5 because he doesn’t want to cage the car. Likewise, I missed the first qualifying and guessed at an index for the second qualifying – and was married to it. Despite having all of the weight I could legally have in the car – Crew Chief said I was still way too fast. I wasn’t catching him so I let him go by lifting when I saw him getting close to the mph cone. I just tapped the brakes lightly to make sure I wouldn’t break out. Fact is I didn’t need to do that. I was watching where he was and not where I was and should have realized that.

There was no proportioning valve on the car and a light apply looks like it locked the wheels (which were also replaced with wheels half the weight of the old ones) in front but only the left rear. To me, that’s what made the ends swap. Frankly I was so busy trying to not cross lanes that my memory in the car after I got turned around is not there

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