Wrecked the Texas Thug

On my third Time Trial pass, the thick rubber gasket on a Baldwin B2 oil filter push out after my launch. Oil got under the left slick and turned the car right. I tried to steer out of it, but I was there just for the ride. I thought I was going to roll the car twice.

Before all of the armchair racers and mechanics say that I must have put on the oil filter too tight, it had the seal oiled and was put on hand tight. Baldwin has very thick rubber seals and maybe shouldn’t go on 1,000 hp motors. Back to Wix 51515R.

The car has a bent frame now, so it won’t be a quick repair for that or easy finding 60-year-old Body parts. I have a sore left thumb, neck, lower back, right hip and right shoulder – but that’s racing.

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