Yeah, I should Have Stayed in Bed Today

Today in the shop could have better. I started by assembling the brake power bleeder and trying to bleed the Vitamin C. The “Universal Adaptors” sucked and I had to clean a mess up and the order the “Master” MC adaptor set. It will be here on Saturday.

but The new bleeder is nice, but the Universal Master Cylinder adaptors were weak. Ordered a ‘Master Kit’

I moved on to the Vitamin C. I had ordered a set of 426 Super Stock stickers for the valve covers and needed to prepare the covers for them. There is a little bit of an oil firm on everything under the hood, which I’ll get cleaned up after I finish everything else. Anyway, I first removed the valve covers, which is a big job on a Max Wedge. Cleaned, scuffed and hit with three coats of color.

I went out to the stacker to replace the steel winch rope with nylon, but for some reason the Stacker’s batteries were weak from the inverter being left on by the shop rat. I plugged it in and went back into the shop to get a tall glass of water for me and to fill the dog bowl for the girls. It was 86 degrees and I was thirsty, so I started to slam a tall glass of water from the bottled water cooler when I realized it tasted horrible. I had the shop rat clean the cooler out with commercial Clorox earlier in the week. He must have left a big pool of it in the well before putting a 5 gallon bottle in it. I opened the fridge to get a bottle of water to dilute what I’d swallowed, but there was only beer. I quickly slammed one, but then started feeling like I was about to puke and headed to the house. There I drank two bottles of water and ate a cup of goldfish crackers. I developed a headache, felt like I was going to shit myself, and was burping chlorine. I blew my nose and could feel and smell chlorine. I rested for an hour and went back to shop to hit the valve covers with clear and close up the shops.

They now have a couple coats of clear. However, I now realize that the stickers won’t work because holes were cut into covers for Evac.

It looks like the valve cover gaskets had seen better days, so I threw on a pair of Moroso Blues, which are my favorite.

I knew when I was licked and closed up the shop. I’m now sitting here with a burning throat and a killer headache. My wife just walked in to say my daughter and her kids, who picked me up on Tuesday from motorhome repair and I later took to dinner, tested positive for Covid. Now I need to get tested, although the industrial Clorox ought have cured me.


Covid Test was Negative

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