Vitamin C Update – Week 1 February 2023

Towards mid month January, the replacement gun-drilled axles had arrived. However, the axle retainer brackets, which also hold the new disc brake calipers, were set up for the smaller Dana bearings. My Dana is set up for the “Big Ford” bearings. I took the brackets to a machine shop to have the bearing groove CNC Machined larger and deeper into the brackets. The Shop needed a week to machine, but my car needed to go to Randy Stansbury’s in Louisiana the next day. Jerry Hatch fabricated up some temporary axle retainers so we could take the car to Randy.

I took the car and a red hood without a scoop, which had gotten bent when it opened on the road to Randy, about 250 miles away. In Super Stock, the only 63 Plymouths that can have a scoop are Factory Lightweights. I also had him remove the advertising lettering on the fenders.

Once back, pretty little billet hood pins were installed. It is fairly difficult on the 63 hood as you have to drill through two metal surfaces of the hood and it curves pretty sharp between them.

Carbs were swapped from 750 cfm I could use in NSS to 600cfm that came with the car.

Axles and brakes (with new stainless braided lines) are on, waiting for a new master cylinder (piston seal leak) and a couple fittings. All trim and letters back on.

Three winch loops were welded onto the front. I use the center to winch into trailer or to towed it at track by golf cart. I also use 8 straps on each car for extra insurance. The outside loops crisscross the straps and to the center are straight straps. I have 4 loops in the back. Two on the frame at rear and two on the ladder bars. The old Aeromotive A2000 and Barry Grant fuel system was replaced with a Fuelab system exactly like my two NSS cars. That way only 1 set of spares is needed for all three cars, and I can quickly swap between cars.

So Far:

  • New Transmission
  • New Converter
  • New Torsion bars
  • New PPP Shifter
  • New Hood
  • New Axles and rear Disc Brakes
  • New Brake lines
  • New Carbuetors
  • New Weld Rear Wheels
  • New 30X10.5 Hoosier slicks
  • Ladder Bars disassembled, rebuild and reinstalled with correct instant center
  • New Fuel System

To finish up:

  • New matching front wheels should be here at EOM
  • New Master cylinder
  • 29″ front tires are here to replace the 27.5 on the car
  • Protrans ordered, but won’t be here for this season
  • Shifter pedestal needs to be painted and welded in
  • Racepac is here and ready to be installed
  • My NHRA Competition numbers on windows
  • Entire car detailed
  • New Engine next year
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