When a Dana is Not a Dana

Nothing is ever easy for me

I’m trying to get the Vitamin C ready for Super Stock Racing. I had Mark Williams Axles with drum brakes in the car. When the axles were pulled, they were a little heavy, so I ordered a set of Moser Gun Drilled axles and their disc brakes. In the meantime, I listed the Mark Williams axles for sale – and they sold immediately and went to Dallas.

When the Moser axles arrived, they didn’t fit, because of the axle bearing.

Long story short, it turns out my Dana is an aftermarket that used Ford “Large” bearings.

So, the axles were sent back to get machined for the 3.15 bearings. I’ll have to take the rear axle retainers/bracket caliper bracket to get machined for the right bearing, but I will wait until the axles return.

In the meantime, the car is stuck in the lift without axles. Jerry will pull some axles out of an 8.75 I have laying around so we can get the car off of the lift and the wagon on. The wagon needs and anti-roll assembly welded in.

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