Vitamin C To Run Super Stock

I’ve been working on seeing that the Vitamin C is ready for racing in NMCA’s Super Stock. 

When I was running the car, it would run 10.6s until an engine freshen up. Then it slipped to 10.7s. The car is a Ladder Bar 63 Belvedere with a 426 low compression Max Wedge. It could always run an 11:00 for me as a backup car, and so I never did anything to tune the motor or suspension. The car launched soft, and the front didn’t lift evenly Left to Right, but it was the most consistent car I’ve ever raced.

Since I got the car back from a four or five year change of ownership, I’ve not run it. Jerry ran the car in an 1/8-mile race for five (two qualifying and three elimination rounds) hits and it was running 6.89s but the converter was all wrong for the car. It turns out that I left the converter in the car from the 572ci motor I briefly ran in the car. I swapped the Max Wedge back in to sell it. When we got the car back to the shop to look over, it was found that the rear shocks were on Max on both settings of both shocks. Also found that when the car was jacked up under the Dana – the front end compressed crookedly. 

After a little research, I found that if I made some not so major changes – I could run the car in Super Stock, and still be legal for NSS. I thought I’d spend half of the money over the winter and if I liked the class, then I’d get a competitive motor built and a Protrans to have a chance.

The Vitamin C is heavy and the Index for a 63 Belvedere Post with a Low Compression 426 Max Wedge, iron head, no scoop requires a minimum 10.50 for one Index heavier. I’m about 2-3/10s too slow for that. Plus, I have to go from 750 cfm carbs to 600 cfm.

Work performed so far:

  • I bought light rear wheels and replaced the M/T 31×10.5 Bias with Hoosiers 30×10.5 radials
  • I ordered Moser gun drilled axles to replace the Mark Williams that were on there.
  • Also got light weight rear disc brakes to replace the 11×4 drum brakes
  • Jerry replaced some rod ends and made a major adjustment to the Ladder Bars.
  • One of the torsion bars was screwed up. Jerry had a bud who had a used set of the correct bars, we made a deal and Jerry installed. Front suspension is now correct.
  • When the rear end checked, it was found to have a set of like new 4.88 gears. I was running 4.30s, so they expected to just run 1/4 mile. Anyway, I got a set of 4.56 Pro Gears
  • ATI sent me a Tree Master set up the same way as quite a few others running the Max Wedge
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