Getting the Vitamin C Ready for Super Stock

Last Saturday we took to the track to run for the first time in 5 years. We learned that the torque convertor is very wrong for the car, and I ordered a new 8″ Tree Master that flashes between 4700-5000 (depending on the weather and fluid temp). I bought new lighter 12″ rear wheels and had them shod with 30×10.5 Hoosiers Radials. Changing the 4.88 gear to 4.56 Pro Gears.

The transmission was torn apart and found to not have a billet front drum or other go-fast parts. Jerry also tore apart the transmission from the 8-second tube chassis Barracuda I’d sold as a roller, and while it had a super sprag and Transbrake valve body – it too did not have a billet drum or was rollerized. Jerry rebuilt it, and I’ll sell to someone wanting a race transmission lacking a few of the very high dollar parts. I’d ordered a new transmission for the Thug, and Jerry Hatch had rebuilt the one that came out for a trailer spare. It just got put into duty as the Vitamin C’s new Transmission. I’ll most likely put a ProTrans in it next winter.

Tomorrow, we’ll be placing an order for new Moser gun-drilled lighter weight axles with ceramic bearings and disc brakes. Anyone interested in a set of Moser Alloy Axles for a Dana 60 – let me know.

I need a stock metal hood without scoop for a 63 Plymouth, and buddy Randy Standsbury is pretty sure he has one he’ll sell me. The whole rear suspension is out right now as the car wasn’t launching right (ladder bar car) and Jerry is going to start from scratch.

New radial slicks are mounted on lighter wheels and ready for Vitamin C. Also bought a set of trailer tires to replace the 7-seven-year-old ones on my single enclosed trailer.
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