Contest – Team Paint Scheme


The MoparStyle Racing Team will be repainting each of the four NSS cars over the next four years — and this is as good of a time as any to consider a team theme. In 2013, well be stripping the black Coronet, having the drive train freshened, some body work performed, and the car completely repainted before reassembly. In 2014, we’ll be doing the same for the Vitamin C — to make ready for Hope to start racing it. In 2015, it will be the wagon’s turn, and the Big Red Red’s turn will come in 2016.

A couple of the things that are important to consider is:

  • three of the cars have black interiors and the 4th light gray
  • since the windows down roll down, black can’t be the main color
  • I intend to keep the flag graphics on my wagon’s roof
  • the scheme should be flashy — yet nostalgic
  • don’t worry about the graphics — just looking for the scheme

If you’d like to play, CLICK HERE for a full page graphic that you can right-click, save on your computer and either print to color by hand, or modify in a graphics application. The email to me at the address on the graphic.

There’s no prize — but if we select your submission, we’ll credit you on our sites. We will also be posting the submissions on the forums at


Maryland 2011


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