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Quality Exhaust and Headers for MoPars

August 15, 2012

TTI and MoparStyle Racing have entered into a sponsorship agreement through December 2013.

TTI produces high quality exhaust systems and headers for Mopars, but more specific to Nostalgia Super Stock — the best headers for the Hemi; and both Low Deck and Raised Block Wedge Mopars running in that class of Drag Racing.

Many of the Mopar racers looking for more horsepower are running TTI. You can have your headers custom designed in different tube sizes, stepped from 2" to 2.125, stepped from 2.125" to 2.250"; and flanges for all common Mopar Heads — including the Indy 572 Heads. They can optionally cut down the flanges for easy installation and removal.

Both of MoparStyle Racing's Black 65 Coronet and the Big Red Ram are running 2.125" X 2.25" step headers (one flanged for the 440-1 heads and the other for the 572 heads) with cut down flanges. They are the easiest headers to get on and off the car in a hurry we've ever had, and there was a noticeable gain over the Hookers we previously had on the cars! The polished coating is the best we've ever seen on headers — and stays pretty for a long time. Stop by our pits and take a look at them.

If you race a Mopar big or small block; Hemi or Wedge — I urge you to speak directly with Sam Davis at TTI about getting the perfect headers for your situation. Tell him Dave sent you!

You will see the below lettering affixed to the Big Red Ram the next time you come to an NMCA race.

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