Lot of Carb Parts

Carburetor Parts Lot Sale

Over $3000 parts (retail) for $999.99

These are the unused new parts from when I was an owner of a company that built custom carburetors. I started looking at the prices for the big parts on AED and Summit and was at $3000 before adding in the smaller parts. The below photos show different angles of two groups of parts, plus all of the parts carefully placed in a 66qt. tub. This sale is for all of the carb parts that you see in the two groups of parts laid out on the bench. I've not created an inventory list — but have taken enough photo angles for anyone to clearly see what is in this lot.

Lot Group 1 Laid Out


hotos of the parts of Group 2 of this Lot

Carefully Placed in the Tub

This is a great deal for those who (or want to) assemble custom carbs, or want to try to double their money listing individually in the classifieds or eBay. I'm not going to break the lot. What you see is what you get.


This tub feels like it weighs about 70 pounds, so I'm guessing that the cost UPS ground is going to be about $50+ (the fuel surcharges are outrageous right now) if you're with 800 miles — and more if you're further. I'd also need $20 to get someone to spend the time to wrap each part in newspaper and box up.

If you're local — come with newspaper and tubs to wrap and box.

If you'd like for me to bring to a NMCA race — I'll do that but will need $20 to individually wrap for transport.

Email me if you're interested. If no one wants inthe next couple of days, I'll list on eBay.

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